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Support for Clubs, Coaches and Volunteers

The Bowls Development Alliance, working in partnership with Disability Bowls England, Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association, Coach Bowls and Activity Alliance have produced a support package for clubs, coaches and volunteers who wish to develop their workforce, facilities and activities to better cater for disabled participants. Our package includes the Disability Bowls Advisory Guide, the Supporting Inclusion module, the Bowls Disability Mark, and the Love Fisher Brown Award.


The aim of the advisory guide is to provide clubs, volunteers and coaches with ideas and guidance on ensuring that everyone, regardless of disability or health condition, has access to the sport of bowls, whether as a beginner or an elite performer.

The new guide is designed to be a club’s first point of reference on everything related to inclusion. It contains information about:
•    Understanding the needs of the club membership.
•    Using inclusive language when communicating to disabled bowlers.
•    Impairment specific adaptions that clubs may consider making to ensure the sport is as accessible as possible for disabled bowlers.
•    Case studies from clubs across the country who are already providing excellent participation opportunity for disabled people.
•    Disability Bowls England and the participation pathways which disabled bowlers may wish to follow.
•    Adaptive equipment, with contact details of equipment providers.
•    Where to look for funding grants and opportunities.
•    Advice on Safeguarding including details of training opportunities.
•    Useful contacts across a range of key organisations.

We encourage every club committee to familiarise itself with the content of this handbook because disability in its various forms has an impact on every club. An electronic version of the document can be downloaded below. Alternatively, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to obtain an electronic copy.


This 3-hour module is for all club volunteers, whether coaches, club helpers or committee members that would like to make their clubs more inclusive. The workshop focuses on practical ideas to include all bowlers in activities, regardless of disability.

It encourages clubs to understand why people play bowls, how activities can be modified or adapted and how to help bowlers progress.

By the end of the module people attending will be able to:
•    Understand what inclusion means
•    Recognise how to make your club more inclusive
•    Understand what disabled people want from sport
•    Explore the Activity Inclusion Model in bowls and the implications on your club activities
•    Identify actions for your club

For more information or to book your place on a course please visit or contact Coach Bowls on 01926 334910 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Bowls Disability Mark has been developed to recognise and reward those affiliated bowls clubs who are fully inclusive and welcoming to those people who wish to bowl who have a form of disability. It can help clubs follow the right steps towards becoming a fully inclusive club.

What are the other benefits associated with such a status?
•    Increasing the profile of the club, which can lead to more new members joining.
•    Increased club membership – the Bowls Disability Mark provides the information and confidence disabled bowlers require before they make the decision to join the club. Indirectly, they can bring non-disabled bowlers with them.
•    Significantly more likely for the club’s facilities to be hired by groups and organisations who work with disabled people.
•    Priority given for hosting Disability Bowls England competitions.
•    It is an important factor taken into consideration by funders, sponsors and potential partners when such organisations are making decisions whether to fund, sponsor or work with the club.

The Bowls Disability Mark Club Pack is available as an attachment below. If your club would like to be considered for the Bowls Disability Mark then please email George Babalev on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the next steps.


The Love Fisher Brown Award was developed to recognise clubs that provided disabled participation opportunities for their bowlers. This award, named after the remarkable and inspiring Commonwealth Games achievements of Bob Love, David Fisher and Paul Brown, showcases the excellent work being undertaken by clubs with disabled bowlers around the country, and provides a benchmark for other clubs to aspire to. To find out more about the Love Fisher Brown Award, click here:



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